The Conscientious Radical

I wrestled with myself for the longest time before deciding to take the plunge and become the patron and founder of a site. Much of the hesitance was likely the result of an unexplored aversion to the responsibility of it; I rather resent the concept of leadership, humanity’s apparently necessary dependence on it, and the tacky personality attributes often associated with the political class. I never wanted to lead anything, and making decisions sounds suspiciously like doing just that.

This whole process has been decision-oriented, and I resent it terribly. There will be more decisions to come, as I refine the intent and direction of the site, oversee its growth, and break bread with the unknown. I talked myself into it because one, I get to be my own boss (very helpful in allowing room for those taciturn days), and two, it is my intent to defy convention while remaining interesting and truthful enough to achieve long-term success.

These are the things that I dream of the site being: I want it to be smart, but free-willed. I want it to be often pleasant and fun, but always a yard or two past the realm of domestication; to live next to the institutions of society relatively peacefully, though ensure a regrettable outcome in the event that it’s assumed to be a pet to anything or anyone. I expect that the content here will annoy and irritate many, but still carve an endearing and fleshy hole in the heart of its readers. In many ways, I want the site to be a raccoon, a congenial, yet undeniably wild, creature. A Conscientious Radical.

For the purposes of an update, I have cleared the initial application phase for an AdSense account and the site is currently under review. I anxiously await the result, because for better or worse, monetizing the site will be a key development in allowing me to consider it my “full-time” job. And while I am reluctant to burden myself with excess responsibility, it is a sincere hope that I will be able to offer paid writing opportunities to others, and to “pay it forward” that I found mine.

In a repeat of earlier offers, if some intrepid soul feels that this little dream of mine speaks to them, then by all means, I intend to open the door and allow serendipity the opportunity to present itself. Intelligence, reliability, and a receptivity tempered by a philosophical yearning to tell the stories that most have left untold are among the attributes that I value. If you believe that you have them, then contact me at brian@theconscientiousradical.com and I can answer the parts of any question that are within my knowing.

-Brian Whittemore

Art by Beth Marie

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