Although I admire and appreciate the many professional articles written about the topics of professional resumes, profiles, and interviews, I still cringe at the thought that a minor deviation from the status quo could cost someone a position in the company of their dreams. It is odd to think that in this time when diversity is highly valued, that a certain variation from the trend is such a taboo that only a fool would make such a mistake. No one wants to take a chance on a fool. It frustrates me to no end when I read another “You Better Avoid…In Your Profile” article and learn that despite education, talent, and dedication that many have been doing it all wrong and risk never having a one on one interview.

It is no wonder why interviews are nearly impossible to obtain these days. Destiny has been predetermined by lack of knowledge of the hot and trendy. Who determines this, I am not sure. Since trendy means constantly changing, applicants may as well chase a carrot on a stick or run around a fire through the tide to dry off. This all reminds me very much of the Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches. There is an almost cult like following of these must do articles, that it seems that you must demonstrate your submission with a comment such as, “Helpful…absolutely,” or else you are one of those one-star sorts.

My purpose is writing this article is to represent those who are honest, hard workers who would like an interview even if they selected the wrong font or head shot in their online profile. Given the opportunity, those traditional folks just might result in the best hiring mistake you will ever make.